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Team Fortress Crossing: Two Leaf 

World of Mickey’s Warcastle of Illusion

Portalmon Y

League of A Fantasy Harvest Moon or Rune Champions

the lego wolf among us movie

Deus ex and mass effect.  HELLA YEAA

Animal crossing and pokemon?!????? *screeches*

Animal Crossing of Legends

Left 4 Dead Pokemon 

Resident Evil Sims 3

Mogeko & alice mare…….BAD COMBINATION FOR TEH KIDS

Allen (from Alice mare) and the Great Blue Sea.

magicka & goat simulator
magic simulator?

Grand Theft Mario Party???

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a power point i made for all yall lil chestnuts

theres a lot to read but if u cant read this good luck in high school u fuckin dweeb

lol i forgot the first slide bye

okay so this powerpoint is mostly really good like yes be polite please dont run unless its gym class and keep an inside voice do your homework etc.

but for gods sake please dont feel bad if youre “the emo kid” or whatever this fucking website wants to call you. you can dress how you want and listen to whatever music you want and if you wanna draw something dark or do a report on something that youre interested in that might seem a little morbid to others you go right fucking FOR IT man please feel free to express yourself. as long as youre not hurting yourself or others and you respect others for expressing themselves how they choose to guess what you deserve that same respect. dont take any of this bullshit about “emo phases” i have seriously had it with tumblr getting its rocks off on making kids feel like shit because theyre scene or emo or goth or what the fuck EVER. it doesnt make you uncool, it doesnt make you less of a person, and if you spend the rest of your life in eyeliner and MCR shirts guess what you CAN.

jesus shit dont be embarrassed to be yourself

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